Election Commission calls off SGA special election


The Election Commission created last month by the Student Government Association has called off the special election it was appointed to oversee. An SGA press release cited a lack of candidate interest as the commission’s reason for the cancellation.

“We are sad to report that due to no declaration of candidacy applications or withdraw of applications, the Election Commission has decided to deem this election ineligible to carry out,” the release stated.

SGA called the special election to fill the freshman and underserved populaces senator positions introduced this session. The underserved populaces senator position was created to serve minority students, first-generation students, and low-income students.

According to Chief Elections Commissioner Michael Brown, just one candidate filed for each position. Brown said that, because holding an election would cost money, the commission decided the two applicants should be appointed to the Student Senate.

The Election Commission, comprised of six members, will be responsible for creating guidelines for the SGA general election in the spring.