Meet your student reps on the infrastructure steering committee


Selena Favela

Members of the infrastructure steering committee Gentry Thiesen (left), Hannah Foster (center), and Ashley Estes (right) present during open forum of the Student Government Association meeting Wednesday, Nov. 14.

There are 26 students on the steering committee charged with informing students and generating support for the proposed $6 a credit hour infrastructure fee to upgrade campus facilities.

Deans from every college appointed two students each to the committee, and there are also representatives from the Institute of Interdisciplinary Innovation, University Libraries, the Student Government Association, and Strategic Communications.

Three members of the committee, Hannah Foster, Ashley Estes, and Gentry Thiesen, fielded questions from student senators during Wednesday’s Student Government Association meeting. After the meeting, Foster said it’s important that students play a role in the university’s decision-making process.

“We don’t as students have all of the information that [administrators] have had for — it’s been months to years, and we’re just now getting involved,” Foster said.

“The longer we do these meetings and the more we have our input, the more it’s going to be student-driven.”

Foster said she doesn’t know what will happen if students vote down the proposal in March, but that they need to have all available information at their disposal to take a stand.

“We hope that by the time March comes around and the vote happens, that the students have all the information they need to make an informed vote,” Foster said.

Here are your student representatives on the infrastructure steering committee.


Applied Studies

Kali Dorey

Karsten Bailey



Cynthia Matson

Rigoberto San Juan



Kaelee Knoll

Jesus Gomez Llanos Tirado


Fine Arts

McKenzie Hercules

Travis Tyson


Health Professions

Stephanie Tsang

Max Karst


Liberal Arts and Sciences

Kathy Johnson

Gentry Thiesen


Graduate School

Vijay Matheswaran

Grant Cosselman


Honors College

Jacob Tubach

Noor Farhoud


Institute for Interdisciplinary Innovation

Kristyn Smith

Kathy Johnson


University Libraries

Danish Charolia

Ashley Estes


Strategic Communications

Hannah Foster

Laura Restum


Student Government Association

Kenon Brinkley

Shelby Rowell

Haley Ensz

Charles Williams