Misdemeanor charges filed for WSU student, motorcyclist involved in Kwik Shop fight

Andrew Linnabary

Misdemeanor charges have been filed against a Wichita State student and a motorcyclist involved in a confrontation at a Kwik Shop last month.

Court records show arrest warrants for WSU student Christian Saldana-Banuelos and Joseph Bryan, the motorcyclist. The incident took place around 3 a.m March 12 at the 21st St. and Oliver Kwik Shop.  

According to court records, Saldana-Banuelos has been charged with two misdemeanors: disorderly conduct and provoking an assault and/or battery. Bryan has been charged with two misdemeanors: battery and disorderly conduct. 

Video footage released from the Kwik Shop shows Saldana-Banuelos rolling up his sleeves and directly approaching Bryan. 

Saldana-Banuelos and Khondoker Usama, outgoing student body vice president at WSU, said they were pumping gasoline when they heard a man, later identified as Bryan, yelling racial slurs at a black person. 

They said Bryan then turned his attention to them, stopping his motorcycle right in front of their car. 

Usama said the man pushed Saldana-Banuelos and called them racial epithets. He said the man also continually proclaimed his support of presidential candidate Donald Trump and telling Saldana-Banuelos that he was “brown trash” and to leave the country. He said Saldana-Banuelos told the man, “This is my country; who are you to tell me that?” 

The man then started punching Saldana-Banuelos, leading them to fight. 

Usama said the conflict escalated quickly, prompting him to call 911. Usama said Bryan left on his motorcycle while yelling “Trump! Trump! Trump!” Audio of Usama’s 911 call confirm that Bryan chanted “Trump” as he left on his motorcycle.  

Usama, Bryan and Saldana-Banuelos could not be reached for comment. Usama previously spoke out about the incident and said he initially did not want to go public with it, but felt it was his duty.

“In this great nation we talk about freedom of speech and religion, but if we allow this kind of hatred toward each other then we can’t make America great again,” Usama previously said. “America is great when our civil rights are protected, not when people are verbally or physically abused because they’re different.” 

Usama had said the incident was being investigated as a hate crime. Police said since there were no felony charges the incident could not be categorized as such.