Bond exemplifies education and experience


Stephanie Bond, courtesy

Stephanie Bond believes in using clear communication — whether visual or auditory — to find balance in one’s life, relationships, and community.

Bond, a GTA studying communication at Wichita State, has two sons and a daughter — all of whom are also in college.

Bond said she believes that being a student at the same time as her children has made it easier for her to relate to their struggles. 

“I continually remind my children that school should be their first priority,” Bond said. “However, I also realize that is easier said than done. I understand when they say, ‘the struggle is real.’”

Bond is currently teaching a section of Public Speaking and assisting with a section of Intro to Human Communication. On top of taking taking three graduate classes, she serves as a member of the Fairmount College Student Advisory Council.

Bond began her college career with associate studies in office technology. She changed her major twice at the undergraduate level before landing on communication.

Through a form of dialectic trial and error, Bond found her passion for both social and technological study in electronic media as an undergraduate at the Elliot School of Communication. 

Bond has been married for nearly 25 years. Both she and her husband finished their undergraduate degrees together last May. She said it was one of the most gratifying days of their lives. They worked hard to get there, and their journey together is far from over. 

“I believe being understanding and supportive of each other’s goals and ambitions has helped us to be better in both life and school,” Bond said. “I cannot imagine my life without him.” 

Some years ago, in Missouri, Bond helped the Department of the Army personnel and family readiness groups by creating basic combat training and advanced individual training graduation videos. She had to develop, possess, and implement the use of many communication skills during the eight years she owned and operated her video production company. 

“From interacting with military personnel to determine what type of product was desired to speaking publicly in front of hundreds each week, communication played a vital role in my company’s success,” Bond said. “While having life experience is irreplaceable, having correlating education makes you a more diverse job candidate.”

This experience helped lead Bond to eventually seek her graduate degree in communication. Through her experience and past studies, she decided to pursue teaching in the field of communication.

“I enjoy interacting with students and watching them grow throughout the semester,” Bond said. “The students I interact with on the first day of class are extremely different than the students I interact with on the last day of class, and I like to think I play a part in the growth I observe.”