Faculty Senate divided over incoming two-factor identification requirement


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Two-factor identification will soon be required for faculty logging into their MyWsu accounts. The majority of Monday’s Faculty Senate session centered around concerns over the introduction of the new system.

With the new system, which would operate through Cisco’s Duo security application, faculty would need to have access to another electronic device in order to login to their MyWsu account on a web browser. This would include logging into their WSU email via a web browser.

Faculty were divided on the issue, with many senate members raising concerns about accessibility and the timeframe in which the measure is being implemented. Others who have been testing the system report that it requires a small learning curve but quickly becomes easy to use. The current plan is to require two-factor identification starting March 1. Toney Flack, Wichita State’s Chief Information Officer, said that delaying the start date would be considered if needed.

Also discussed at the Faculty Senate meeting was a proposal to change WSU’s admission requirements. The proposed requirements would necessitate either a 2.5 pre-college course GPA or a 21 ACT score from both resident and non-resident applicants. Currently, resident applicants need a 2.0 GPA and either to have graduated within the top third of their class or to have scored a 21 on their ACT. Non-resident applicants have the same requirements except that students who choose to use the ACT requirement instead of the graduating class requirement must also have a 2.5 GPA.