WSU students protest Donald Trump during state caucus

Andrew Linnabary

Early Saturday morning, presidential candidate Donald Trump rallied at Century II minutes before the Kansas caucus began.

“We’ve got to get out today. We’ve got to caucus. After making this huge U-turn to Kansas, if I lose I’m going to be so angry,” Trump joked, to cheers and laughs from the crowd.

“Were going to do things you’re going to be very proud of,” Trump said. “A couple of years from now you’re going to say, ‘that was one of the greatest mornings of one of the most important things I’ve ever done,’” Trump said.      

Outside Century II, Wichita State students and other like-minded individuals protested Trump, expressing their belief that Trump is hateful and a poor presidential candidate.

They held banners and signs with phrases such as “Trump makes America hate again” and “love trumps hate.”

Wichita State mechanical engineering seniors Mark Galimi and Taben Azadheld a banner that said “Shockers stand united against Trump.”

 “Anyone but Trump. That’s the main reason we’re here. The racist comments dividing different factions of the country, Muslims in particular, and Latinos — it’s just hatred. The rhetoric is not supported by us and we are making our voices heard,” Galimi said.

“I’m against racism, and that’s exactly what he’s promoting. I feel it’s a civil duty of mine to come out here and rally against him,” Azad said.

Galimi said his group of protesters was made up of about 30 people. His group and others were comprised of young adults.

“There’s a lot of different groups that pitched in here. Some are Sanders supporters, some are purely saying no to Trump. Some are Cruz supporters. So it’s a mix of everyone,” Galimi said.

Police stayed in close proximity, but things stayed peaceful aside from a few shouted arguments between protesters and Trump supporters.

“We’re arguing because they don’t understand that nothing is free. Somebody’s paying for it. They don’t quite understand there’s no such thing as free,” Toyce Hare, a Wichita real estate agent and Trump supporter said after an argument with Trump protesters and Sanders supporters.

“Donald’s finally coming in and talking about things that should have been done decades ago. Finally, someone’s standing up and saying, ‘We’ve got to go do it. We’ve got to have a border,’” Hare said.

Chad Rico, a social work major and junior at WSU said many people are mad at the government, but thinks they’re supporting the wrong person in Trump. Rico said his grandparents first moved his family here from Mexico.

“I think I should be here supporting them, their right to be here and the American dream,” Rico said.

Syeda Nabeela, a junior bio-medical engineering major at WSU said Trump is not just against ISIS. He does not like any Muslims.

“Whenever he talks, it’s always about hate against any minority. I don’t support any of that,” Nabeela said.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz won the Kansas Republican caucus with 48 percent of the vote. Trump had 23 percent, followed by Sen. Marco Rubio with 17 percent and Ohio Gov. John Kasich with 11 percent. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders won the Democratic caucus with 67 percent compared to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who took 32 percent of the vote.