Former university vice president sues WSU, President Bardo

Wade Robinson, a former vice president at Wichita State, is suing the university and President Bardo for alleged Title IX violations.

Robinson, former vice president for Student Affairs, filed the suit in the U.S. District Court in Kansas City on Wednesday. The suit outlines that in April of 2013, former athletic director Eric Sexton delayed telling Robinson for four days that a WSU basketball player was accused of rape and that campus police were investigating the incident.

The suit also states that Robinson was retaliated against when he brought forth the issue and his concerns of how Title IX compliance was handled — costing him his job.

Robinson was hired at WSU in 2009 and his employment ended on June 30 of last year. Sexton was then named the new vice president of student affairs. 

“He feels like he was wronged and he wants to seek justice through the legal system,” said Sarah Brown, one of Robinson’s two attorneys. “What happened to him damaged his reputation, as he’s alleged in the lawsuit, and he feels like this is the way to vindicate himself,” she said.

Title IX is a federal civil rights law that says no person should be subjected to sex discrimination under an activity or education program that is federally funded. Title IX requires universities to conduct internal investigations in a timely manner and lead by the office of student affairs — Robinson’s former department.

“The lawsuit by Dr. Robinson involves a personnel matter which will now be addressed in the legal system. It makes claims that are without merit and we welcome to opportunity to set the record straight,” said WSU general council, David Moses in a statement Thursday.

Robinson is seeking $2 million in monetary damages according to the suit.

He could not be reached for comment.