The HIVE builds supportive community


Khánh Nguyễn

The HIve is a co-working space for women located in the Orpheum Office Building. It was founded by Andrea Stang in 2018.

The HIVE encourages women entrepreneurs and professionals as a women-focused co-working and community space in downtown Wichita.

The HIVE, Healthy Inspired Valued Empowered, is a space that allows all community members, though primarily women, to professionally work, network, and grow in a supportive environment. The space is open 24/7 for members, by appointment for non-members, and located at 200 N. Broadway Ave Ste. 110.

“Wichita women need the HIVE, because we need a collective space where we can be creative and we can work on our ideas — either together with other women or on our own,” member Carmen Tamerius said.

The HIVE encourages both creative and technical work, so all careers and businesses can join. The business offers community, 24/7 co-working, and student memberships. A corporate membership program is also available. This allows corporations to pay for female employees to be members.

All members can attend weekly lunch-and-learns and monthly social events where they can network and connect with other leaders. Several professors, employees, and students from WSU are a part of the program.

Andrea Stang, HIVE founder and CEO, said she knew she wanted to make a creative space for businesswomen after visiting an existing co-working space for her freelance work.

“I didn’t like it,” Stang said.

“It was predominantly men in the tech industry and was very dark and enclosed. It just wasn’t me. I wanted something more light, bright, inspiring, and filled with creative, empowering women.”

Stang started planning her own co-working business in November 2017, and officially opened the space within five months. The HIVE will celebrate their one-year anniversary with a ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday at 11:30 a.m. followed by a party.

“Her enthusiasm is contagious, and if she’s enthusiastic about this process, then I can be enthusiastic about my work, too,” Tamerius said of Stang.

The HIVE continues to grow in numbers and partnerships.

“This is the community that makes people feel like their authentic selves,” Stang said. “It opens doors so they can catapult themselves in successful careers.”