WSU will spend roughly $95,000 on presidential search

According to the contract between Wichita State and Wheless Partners that was obtained by The Sunflower, the search firm is charging the university $80,000, plus expenses, to find the next president of WSU.

The professional fee, $80,000, will be paid in three installments. The first installment was paid on the date of the agreement, May 22, according to the contract.

More fees will be paid on top of the remaining $80,000 the university owes the firm. According to the contract, the estimated average of additional fees is $15,000.

These fees, according to the contract, are for “candidate research, sourcing, advertising, direct outbound advertising, research materials and directories, videoconference interviews, and candidate management.” The university will also pay for traveling expenses.

$7,500 of those fees were also paid upon execution of the agreement, according to the contract.

Late Wichita State president John Bardo was paid $330,000 in fiscal year 2013. In fiscal year 2018, Bardo received $384,000, according to the KanView database.

Wheless Partners also assisted in the president’s search for Fort Hays State University that ultimately hired Tisa Mason for the position. According to the contract between FHSU and Wheless Partners, Fort Hays paid a $70,000 professional fee, along with an additional $40,000 in expenses. In 2018, Mason’s salary was $132,500, according to KanView.