Aftershocks autograph signing brings excitement into the community


Khánh Nguyễn

Russell Lowden had on a Toure Murry's signed Knicks jersey. Russell was among many other fans at Aftershocks's autograph signing event at Shocker Store on July 21, 2019.

Wichita State’s alumni basketball team, the Aftershocks, hosted a meet-and-greet at WSU’s Braeburn Square for the community on Sunday.

The gathering started with the team signing autographs inside Braeburn Square’s Shocker Store, and was followed afterwards with food, drinks, and games for people that wanted to brave the heat wave outdoors.

Fans from all generations were in attendance to show their support for the newly founded team. Longtime Shocker fan, and school graduate in 2008, Russell Lowden could be seen wearing a New York Knicks Toure’ Murry jersey, which he got signed at the event. For Lowden, it was exciting to see all of the old faces back in Wichita again.

“This is surreal,” Lowden said about the gathering. “Just to see all of the old faces again is really exciting.”

Khánh Nguyễn
Russell Lowden had on a Toure’ Murry’s signed Knicks jersey. Russell was among many other fans at Aftershocks’s autograph signing event at Shocker Store on July 21, 2019.

Lowden already has his tickets purchased for each session, even if the Aftershocks aren’t playing in those games.

“The attendance should be the best in the country for this tournament,” Lowden said. “I had to make sure to get my tickets soon.”

The Shocker graduate also believes this year’s community representation should make Wichita a regional host for years to come as well.

“Absolutely this should be an every year thing here,” Lowden said. “The community support that this school has had, and still has, it should 100% be a site for years to come. I think our play will help that out too.”

Aftershocks coach Karon Bradley was excited with the amount of community members that showed up to the event. With crowded space indoors, and the autograph line even going out the back door, Bradley knew the history of the players college days was the reason why.

“These guys are some of the best guys to ever play here at Wichita State,” Bradley said. “It’s an exciting time, not just for me as a coach, but for the community as well.”

According to Bradley, the players are “excited” to play in front of the Shocker faithful once again.

“They understand Shocker nation,” Bradley said. “They know what to expect, and we are excited to have that arena feeling, with all of the black and yellow; we are definitely excited.”

The Aftershocks kick off its TBT tournament run on July 25, at 8:00 p.m. CT in Charles Koch Arena. The game will also be broadcasted on ESPN.