Aftershocks have just three days to get full team chemistry together


Khánh Nguyễn

Former Shocker Cleanthony Early talks to a fan during an autograph signing. The event was held at the Braeburn Square Shocker Store on July 21, 2019.

Wichita State’s alumni basketball team, the Aftershocks, will have just three days to get on the same page.

Practice for the team started last week, but practice on Monday will mark the first time that all of the team members will be present. Tekele Cotton was not present at the Aftershocks autograph signing event at Braeburn Square on Sunday due to a flight delay. Former All-Final Four forward Cleanthony Early’s first practice will also come on Monday after his flight landed early Sunday morning.

For Early, there are no worries.

“I don’t think chemistry will be an issue,” Early said on Sunday. “We all play a high enough level of basketball to understand what to do and how to play.”

“Some of us have already played together too.”

Head coach Karon Bradley knew coming into the tournament that summer-time schedules could produce speed-bumps for practices, but he believes that the three days will be “plenty of time” to get the team’s wheels turning.

“We’ve been doing a lot of up and down work in practice, which has helped,” Bradley said. “Sometimes schedules just don’t work out the same as others in the summers, I know that. With everyone here today (Sunday), we should have enough time.”

According to Bradley, the team’s practices have been “going well,” even without the full team in attendance.

“Even with people gone, we have still been able to play some five-on-five, which we need,” Bradley said. “We’ve done a lot of skill work and have gotten a lot of shots up. The guys have been looking great.”

Bradley also believes the projected large crowd will also play a factor in how the team plays come July 25.

“These guys are excited,” Bradley said. “They know what to expect in this arena, and we know that the crowd can potentially be a boost for us. The whole team has played here before, and even with the different eras, the crowd is the one constant.”

“It can help mesh the team together.”