Shocker Support Locker to expand as it enters fifth year 


Selena Favela

Cans of green beans sit on a shelf in the Shocker Support Locker.

Wichita State Student Government Association is looking to expand the Shocker Support Locker as it enters its fifth year. 

The locker, headquartered in 103 Grace Wilkie Hall, will now serve satellite campus students by delivering goods to campuses for students as far as Haysville. 

“Think about like, when you go to Dillons and you order your food online and they deliver to you,” Student Government Association Advisor Gabriel Fonseca said. “That’s kind of the idea.”

Fonseca said in an email to The Sunflower that SGA hopes to get the satellite locker set up by the spring, “in line with [the locker’s] fifth anniversary.”

With these changes to the locker’s day-to-day operations and the addition of the satellite program, SGA has hired Collin Munson as a graduate assistant to maintain the locker’s operations.

“As the program has gotten bigger, it’s just a lot more responsibilities to it,” Fonseca said. 

Munson will package and deliver food to students who request it at their campuses.

“Hopefully we can still provide support to those students who still pay student fees, who are still students here, but may not ever come to the main campus,” Fonseca said.

The locker will also begin offering volunteer opportunities for students.

“We’ve had a few different student organizations reach out about volunteering opportunities, specifically with the Shocker Support Locker,” Fonseca said. 

In the past year, there were 5,618 visitors to the locker. Four percent of the locker’s visitors were Wichita State staff members and the rest were students, according to an SGA report.

The data was collected “for reporting, grant and sponsor services” when visitors swiped their Shocker ID cards.

The Shocker Support Locker is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Established in 2015, it provides food, clothing, textbooks and other necessities for Wichita State students and staff. It was open this summer through part-time workers. 

The locker will run another Food for Fines program for two weeks during the fall, but the dates have yet to be determined. The program allows students to cover their parking tickets with donations to the locker.