Cruelty-Free on a budget



As ethical consumption continues to gain popularity, it’s really easy to feel lost in a mess of price tags, symbols, and obscure vocabulary. “Cruelty-Free” products are simply any product that was not tested on animals. Just because something is cruelty-free however, doesn’t mean it’s vegan. Cruelty free products can still contain trace amounts animal by-products. Learning the difference is the first step in bringing ethical consumption into every aspect of your life including your hygiene routine.



Bliss Skincare is one of the most affordable cruelty-free skincare brands out there. Available at Ulta, Target and online, Bliss’ line averages from $10-$20 for full size products. Bliss ditches the chemical compounds and fills their products with fruity and organic ingredients including witch hazel, chamomile, and jojoba oil. They have a comprehensive line including everything from moisturizers to lip scrubs. Most of their products are vegan, making this brand good for the wallet, soul and planet. 



When it comes to cruelty free living, hair care is often forgotten about. OGX is the one stop shop for ethical hair miracles. With their short and stubby packaging, OGX is easily recognizable. They specialize in organic remedies to give your hair a natural glow. Whether you prefer silky coconut milk or tingly teatree mint, your scalp and your hairline will thank you for this one.



Colourpop is the hidden gem of the makeup industry. Their products are only available online, but this brand is totally worth the cost of shipping. Their makeup is drugstore cheap with luxurious quality. True to their name, Colourpop isn’t afraid to embrace color. Their foundation is inclusive for all skin tones, and the rest of their makeup features shades ranging from lowkey to neon. With hundreds of different products for every kind of makeup lover, their online store is a rainbow rabbit hole.



At first glance, seeing tomatoes and carrots as ingredients in beauty products can be unsettling, but trust me on this one. Yes To is devoted to showing you exactly what’s in their products, and in this case, it’s fruit and veggies fresh from the soil. These award-winning products harness the power of the Earth for simple and diverse remedies for any body or skin type. You’ll go coco-nuts for their $5 coconut body wash and lotion.



Crest and Colgate, we’re breaking up with you. Not only are these mega-brands not vegan, these glittery chemical pastes are also not cruelty free. Hello offers a comprehensive line of tooth care at the same price point. Bonus, their products are vegan and free of dyes, artificial sweeteners, sulfate and even gluten. Sourced from the Willamette Valley in Oregon, Hello is as authentic as something you’d find in a local farmer’s market with the convenience of buying it at Target.