Ulrich Museum awarded final grant for mural restoration

Famed Spanish artist Joan Miró’s most unique work of art adorned the Ulrich Museum’s outer wall until exposure to weather forced its removal in 2011.

Now, after receiving a $150,000 grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the funds needed for the mural’s restoration are complete. Its reinstallation is scheduled for November 2016.

Jennifer Lane, spokeswoman for the Ulrich Museum, said the piece’s uniqueness is part of what makes it important.

“It’s an amazing piece,” Lane said. “It really doesn’t compare to anything in the world, not even his own work.”

“Personnages Oiseaux” is just one of 11 murals of its type Miró created in his lifetime. It is the largest of the four that reside in the United States, and is Miró’s only mural made mostly of glass.

Lane said when the museum heard news about the grant, it was a relief.

“The mural is iconic and it’s so important to our community,” she said. “Being able to share that with the community is very important to the museum.”

Miró’s iconic marble and glass mural was removed before most current WSU students had enrolled for their first semester. Lane stressed the importance of having great works of art on campus.

“Art inspires everything around us,” Lane said. “Studies have shown a strong correlation between our cognitive functioning and looking at art.”

Since the mural will be housed outdoors, it will be visible to anyone whether they go into the museum, or not.

“You just can’t put a price on that,” Lane said.