Letter from student body president: On WSU Inspire

Joseph Shepard

Earlier this month, the 58th session of Student Government Association announced its partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of South Central Kansas, called “Wichita State Inspire.”

This partnership will grant Wichita State students the opportunity to mentor youth and young adults in various ways: academically, socially and professionally.

In addition, this partnership will aid our institution in recruiting students.

Higher education is important. Statistics have shown us time after time that if our youth wish to live a sustainable lifestyle in the future, then they will need to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

Wichita State Inspire will help ignite the idea in young peoples’ minds about higher education. When these young people see collegiate students investing in their future and their community, they will acknowledge that Wichita State is not only concerned about advancing ourselves, but advancing the community and those around us, as well.

As the most diverse institution in the state of Kansas, Wichita State is always looking for ways at how we can create a more diverse population. I applaud all the work that has been done thus far by various individuals to help accomplish this goal.

I’d personally like to believe the diversity that we’re looking for as an institution is already right here in our own backyard. Wichita State University is located in the District One community of Wichita. The young people in this community are talented, diverse and intelligent and they are the type of students we need as Shockers!

Personally, I feel as an institution, if we have the tools and resources to help advance a community, then we should do just that. That is what truly makes us innovative, which is what makes us the best institution in the state of Kansas.

I am excited to have this as an official partnership connected to the campus and community.

I encourage students to sign up to volunteer for this program. The impact you will have on these young people and the impact they will have on you is unimaginable.

Let’s inspire this community together. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

— Joseph Shepard, student body president

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