Quiz: Which career best suits you?

College students oftentimes enter college without any idea of what they should major in and what career path they should choose. This quiz is for those students to help gauge what career is best for them.

1. Of the following, which interests you the most?

A. Writing a short story

B. Solving a complicated equation

C. Researching an important historical or political event

D. Observing a large group of people in a crowded area

2. What’s the highest education level you plan to obtain?

A. Bachelor’s degree

B. Doctorate

C. Bachelor’s degree, and take some other courses to continue education

D. Master’s degree

3. If you won the lottery and didn’t have to worry about money, which of the following would you be likely to do?

A. Work on something creative or artistic

B. Design a new computer program

C. Work on a political campaign

D. Volunteer for the peace corps or equivalent

4. What hours would you prefer to work?

A. Any schedule is fine with me; The more flexible, the better

B. Traditional 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

C. A schedule that allows you to work as often as you can

D. A schedule that is determined daily based on how much work you get accomplished the day before

5. What kind of salary would you like to be paid?

A. Pay is not important; doing my job well is the real paycheck

B. Six figures

C. Moderate pay that allows me to live comfortably

D. Enough to get by and save small amounts on each paycheck

6. When you work, which of the following appeals most to you?

A. Being flexible with job duties and coming up with creative ways of completing the job

B. Following a set of instructions exactly to get the job done

C. Being a team leader but also listening to what others have to say when completing a task

D. Having a set of instructions but being allowed to be flexible with them as needed

If you answered mostly…

A. You are probably best suited for a career that allows you to be creative on a day-to-day basis. This includes careers in English, communication, fine arts and more. Pay is often not the greatest in these fields, but that usually doesn’t matter to someone in one of these jobs. You get more satisfaction out of doing your job well than you do about being paid large amounts of money.

B. You would be best suited with a career in STEM — science, technology, engineering or mathematics. These careers are usually high paying and require more than a bachelor’s degree — sometimes, you might have to get a doctorate because these fields are often competitive.

C. Your best bet would be to pursue a career in history, political science or criminal justice. You like to look at current events analytically and see how they impact the present and future. You likely have a clear understanding of modern politics and could succeed in a political career of your own.

D. You are suited for a career in a social science. This includes sociology, psychology, women’s studies, social services and more. You try to understand human behavior and why people do the things they do. You want to help other people, either individually or on a large scale for the greater good of humanity.