Oversight committee dissolved in first SGA meeting

The first Wichita State Student Government Association meeting of the fall had a large audience when the meeting first started Wednesday night.

A bigger portion of the audience were friends of Abduljaleel “Jalil” Alarbash, a WSU student killed in an ISIS terrosit attack earlier this year in Saudi Arabia. He reportedly was attempting to stop a suicide bomber when the device exploded, killing four people.

Alarbash’s friends attended the meeting to hear a resolution that recognized the contributions Alarbash made to the university and to the lives he saved by sacrificing his own.

The resolution passed unanimously.

Hassan Aleid, a friend of Alarbash’s for three years, said he was happy SGA passed a resolution in Alarbash’s honor.

“I appreciate them,” he said. “They were good enough to talk about Jalil and I thank them for what they’ve done.”

Student Body President Joseph Shepard said this resolution was important to the entire Senate, too.

“We really wanted to take this time to let his friends know, to let his family know, that his life was not in vain,” Shepard said. “The work that he contributed to this university will never be forgotten.”

Three other resolutions were heard by Student Senate on Wednesday.

The second resolution involved the creation of a diversity task force. Shepard said this force will work with campus administration to see where the needs for diversity and inclusion are in the classroom and how diversity can be implemented in everything the university does.

Shepard said the task force could consider adding a diversity and inclusion general education course required for students, or implementing education on diversity and inclusion in the WSU 101 courses.

“We don’t want it to just be a trend, we don’t want it to be a phase, we want it to be something this campus cares about for years to come,” Shepard said.

The second resolution passed with only one dissent.

The third resolution involved the removal of the Oversight and Inquiries Committee, which was responsible for providing oversight of the executive branch. Shepard said there was not a purpose for that committee and that last year, members of that committee could bee seen sitting around looking for things to do.

He said many of the committee’s responsibilities could have been given to several different officers within the cabinet.

That resolution passed unanimously.

The final resolution passed was the addition of an academics committee. Shepard said many students are complaining about programming fees and other costs going up.

“As our campus continues to grow, of course we’re going to have to implement some more fees,” Shepard said. “Student voices should be implemented in that process, which is what the academics committee will be responsible for.”

That resolution passed unanimously.

Wednesday’s meeting was also the first meeting with Eric Sexton as SGA’s adviser. Sexton became adviser when he was promoted to vice president of Student Affairs in the spring.

“This is a great continuum of service our students provide every year,” he said. “It’s a great leadership opportunity. I look forward to working with these great leaders.” SGA will meet again at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday in Room 233 of the Rhatigan Student Center.