SADCI, Ulrich present 20th Faculty Biennial

The Ulrich Museum of Art and Wichita State School of Art, Design and Creative Industries faculty presented the 20th Faculty Biennial on Saturday.

The biennial is held every two years and is geared at innovation and community involvement.

Jennifer Lane, a spokeswoman for the Ulrich, said over the last couple of years, the museum has been working on building a stronger relationship with the SADCI.

“They have an immensely talented faculty,” Lane said.

She said the Ulrich is proud to put their art in the Ulrich gallery.

The mission of the school is to educate tomorrow’s creative practitioners with the experiences they need to be at the top of their game, according to a news release from the Ulrich.

Lane said she thinks it is important for students to see the talent of the faculty.

“They’re a very important part of our university and our community,” she said. “Each one of them has a long list of accomplishments. We want the students to see how their work has an impact every day.”

The faculty is comprised of professors of ceramics, painting and drawing, graphic design, art history and more.

Levente Sulyok, associate professor of painting and drawing, said the Faculty Biennial is SADCI’s opportunity to showcase the research of its faculty.

“It’s a chance for students and the community to see what inspires our faculty,” Sulyok said.

He said he’s been making art all his life and started drawing before he could speak.

Sulyok said he thinks the motivation to create art comes from a desire to record observations about the world when words seem insufficient.

“Teaching art is intimately linked to our understanding of the creative process through an active engagement with our field of inquiry, and this engagement would not be possible without this exhibition,” Sulyok said.

The work represented in this year’s biennial reflects endeavors of national and international caliber, and many of the works have been selected for prestigious exhibition opportunities outside the United States.

Sulyok said a successful work of visual art is like a short poem, where layers of information are pulled into one object, which then unfold when engaged by a viewer.

“Experiencing art is a phenomenal process for all involved,” Sulyok said.

Royce Smith, director of the SADCI, is also a part of the faculty honored. Smith was recently awarded the Fulbright Scholarship, and he said he thinks students should take classes at the school because of the unique curriculum.

The opening of the biennial was Saturday, but the exhibit will be on display until Aug. 23.

For more information, contact the SADCI at 978-3555 or the Ulrich Museum at 978-3664.