Spectrum recreates prom for LGBTQ community

Often times, members of the LGBTQ community don’t always experience a normal prom night in high school.

Wichita State’s Spectrum will host its first annual Pride Prom tomorrow from 8 p.m. to midnight to give the LGBTQ community a chance to recreate the prom experience.

 “Most of us who identify as gay, lesbian, queer, bi or transgender don’t get a normal prom experience,” Spectrum co-president Sarah Jack said.

Spectrum: LGBTQ & Allies serves as a social and educational group at WSU that deals with issues in the LGBTQ community and provides a safe environment for individuals to share ideas, experiences and to address concerns.

Sophomore Devante Garcia, Spectrum’s social justice chair, says that Pride Prom is a way for LGBTQ individuals to stand out in the month of April — to be visible.

 “We want to able to say we are here, we are happy, we are proud and we are ready to have some fun. That’s the biggest thing,” he said.

Garcia said he is not from Kansas. Having lived here for five years, he sees the conservative structure around him in Wichita. To his surprise, he said, the community is progressively changing around him.

“The most important thing is being able to keep pushing the door open to our acceptance,” Garcia said.

The event will take place in the room 233 of the Rhatigan Student Center and is a free event to WSU students. Special additions to the event include a DJ and sponsorship provided by up-and-coming gay bar, Club Boomerang.

Spectrum is open to all members of the community such as lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans, questioning and allies. Enrolled students and members of the community who aren’t enrolled are welcomed to join the group.