SGA Budget and Finance committee recommend downvote on proposed student fees bill



SGA Treasurer Colleen Ostermann listens to a representative speak during student fee deliberations on Friday, Feb. 28.

After senators voiced their concerns about a 1.5% student fee increase, the Student Government Budget and Finance committee recommended the proposed student fee bill be voted down at today’s meeting.

Instead, the committee would like to to see either a 1% increase or a 1.5% increase without sweeping reserves from student organizations.

“[The increase is] only $12 a semester but when you think about the amount of debt students are going into … that’s four times the amount. If there’s a precedent of there always being an increase, there will always be an increase,” SGA Treasurer Colleen Ostermann said.

Senator Grant Day echoed that sentiment in the meeting.

“1.5% increase does have an impact,” Day said.

Ostermann and Day, as well as senator Walter Wright, serve on the student fees committee. Wright and Day voted that the bill shouldn’t be sent to the senate at Friday’s final committee vote.

Ostermann said she would recommend to senators if they did vote down the bill to write what their suggestions would be to revise the budget.

“They are supposed to be part of this process,” Ostermann said.

The bill had its first read at Wednesday’s senate meeting. Senators will debate and vote on the bill next week.