Amusing Race allows participants to see different side of campus

As students finish up their general education credits and focus more on their majors, it is common for them to spend most of their time in one or two buildings, never seeing everything the Wichita State campus has to offer.

For the second year in a row, the Ulrich Museum of Art and local NPR affiliate KMUW collaborated to show people things they may have never seen in the Amusing Race Wednesday afternoon.

Much like the reality television show, “The Amazing Race,” this event challenged teams of four with a scavenger hunt around the WSU campus. The teams received clues that directed them to a location, and once they got there, they were asked to complete a challenge before getting the next clue.

One challenge required the teams to give a makeover to Millie (the millipede statue across from Wilner Auditorium), while another made them throw Frisbees at upturned pizza boxes next to the original Pizza Hut building.

KMUW engagement marketing director Sarah Jane Crespo oversaw the event, and she said designing the challenges was one part of what was a fun time all around.

“It’s a really fun process,” Crespo said. “This is one of those events that’s just 100 percent fun.”

WSU student Dany Miller participated in the race last year as well as this year, and he said getting to see new things on campus is a major draw.

“As an engineering major, I tend to be in one part of the campus a lot,” Miller said. “So it’s kind of cool to see other parts of the campus and sculptures and stuff like that.”

Miller also said it’s something he would encourage other students to do next year.

“It’s a fun activity, and it’s usually nice outside around this time,” Miller said. “So you might as well be out and doing stuff, anyway.”

WSU alumnus Dalton Black works in community engagement at KMUW. Black said, showing participants new things was a major part of their design philosophy.

“It gets people to see the campus and some of the sculptures that they walk by and maybe don’t pay attention to,” Black said. “They have something fun that they can remember.”

Black said his favorite part of the event is seeing that people earnestly enjoyed their time.

“I like the people being able to cross the finish line and be excited about what they just did,” Black said. “It’s one thing to have people participate, but to have them enjoy what they just did is probably the best part of it.”