Black Student Union boosts friendly competition among students, staff

Wichita State’s Black Student Union hosted a dodge ball tournament to bring different people and organizations together on campus.

Three teams participated in the tournament, which took place on Tuesday evening in the second floor of the Heskett center.

“This Black Student Union is holding a week of events, and one of the students said ‘Hey let’s have a dodge ball tournament,’ so we’re out here having a dodge ball tournament,” said Natalie Toney, program coordinator for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and adviser of the Black Student Union.

Black Student Union reached out to student groups and different offices on campus. People from different areas of the university, including the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and HALO, participated in the event.

Hollee Brown, a student involved in the Black Student Union, said the tournament is a great way to bring organizations together and to raise money. The total funds raised went to the winning team’s charity of choice.

“It’s for a good cause and it’s really fun, too,” Brown said.

Newly elected Black Student Union president Nolan Jones said the event is a chance to promote friendly competition between students, faculty and staff amongst different organizations on campus.

“It’s a way to get people more involved and give them some competition,” he said. “I know people like a little competition.”