Top-10 competition based television shows sports fans could find therapeutic during quarantine


FILE PHOTO by Audrey Korte/The Sunflower

Charity Bush, a WSU senior, asks one of the American Idol staffers a question before her audition in Wichita in September 2019. She hoped her regular vocal performances at her Wichita church would give her an edge over the competition. Though she wasn’t chosen to move to the next round, she said the experience was awesome.

It’s been two weeks since the sporting world came to a halt due to the COVID-19 virus worldwide outbreak.

With that being said, sports fans worldwide have been forced to watch reruns of their favorite teams and highlights of their favorite players. But what if there was another way to settle your need for competition?

Here are the top-10 competition based television shows to satisfy your needs during quarantine:


No. 10 – Cash Cab (Hulu, Bravo)

An all-time classic when it comes to trivia television games. Test out your knowledge against those in the cab while you wait for your favorite sports teams to get back in action, but don’t forget:

Three strikes, and you’re out of the Cash Cab.


No. 9 – Chopped (Hulu, Food Network)

Four people go in, one comes out a cooking champion – and yes, it’s more intense than you might think. Watching this may also give more ideas on what to cook during your time indoors.

Grab a notebook and write down some of those cooking tips and tricks.


No. 8 – American Ninja Warrior (Hulu, NBC)

“Yeah, I could probably do that better than them.”

The perfect show to lie to yourself and say you’re in better shape than you actually are. Enjoy this thrill-seeking competitive show for those in peak-shape.


No. 7 – Silent Library (YouTube, MTV)

Make too much noise and the money isn’t secured. A classic game show that aired from 2009-2011 that everyone needs to watch if they already haven’t. A great mix of comedy and competition, something we all need during this time.


No. 6 – Legends of the Hidden Temple (YouTube, Nickelodeon)

A nostalgia check for practically all college students nationwide, Legends of the Hidden Temple was a show every little kid wanted to be on when they were younger. Relive this Nickelodeon hit while you have the time.


No. 5 – The Voice (Hulu, NBC)

The Voice is one of the few competition shows that has the process down to an art. With five stages that includes exhilarating blind auditions and a battle round that puts singers head-to-head, this is a must-watch for those who love competition.


No. 4 – American Idol (Hulu, ABC)

Like The Voice, American Idol just has “it.” What’s better than seeing America’s hidden talent battling it out to become the next star through sleepless nights during Hollywood week and beyond.

Also, Wichita resident Arthur Gunn is stealing the show in season 28, which gives you more reason to tune in and watch the competition unfold.


No. 3 – The Masked Singer (Hulu, Fox)

Fox’s new hit show The Masked Singer is taking the country by storm. Think you know who’s under those masks? Well, play against the judges panel, your family, and America and find out if you’re actually right.


No. 2 – Love Is Blind (Netflix)

This might be a stretch, but here us out. Love Is Blind took the world by storm when it dropped on Netflix this year – and for all the right (wrong?) reasons.

With 20 individuals going into pods and blindly dating each other, there was plenty of competition and drama to unfold. This show may just be the best and worst show you’ll ever watch, but it’s totally worth it.


No. 1 – Kids Baking Championship (Hulu, Food Network)

What’s better than baked goods? How about pre-teen kids fighting, crying, and baking their way to glory.

Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship has it all from drama, competition, and cooking that you’ll never be able to do yourself. So strap in for this gem because it’s a wild ride.