BREAKING: State of Kansas under stay-at-home order effective Monday



Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly announces a stay-at-home order effective Monday for the entire state.

Editor’s note: This is a developing story. Check back for details.


Starting Monday, Kansans must remain home unless for “essential services” and outdoor activity while maintaining social distance.

The order is similar to what other counties in Kansas have passed to combat the spread of COVID-19, such as allowing grocery stores, healthcare facilities and other essential businesses to stay open.

“I know this is hard. I can’t tell you how much I wish this wasn’t necessary,” Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly said.

22 other states have already issued stay-at-home orders.

External enforcement will not be used, the governor said, rather, the order is more of an encouragement for Kansans to stay home. If that doesn’t work, however, the governor said changes to enforcement can be made.

“We don’t want to set up a martial law state.”

Kelly said that projections put Kansas at 900 cases by the end of next week. She also said this order was created because the state doesn’t know exactly how many cases there are due to the lack of testing and supplies.

“We believe that there are more cases of COVID-19 than we have confirmed to date, including in areas that have not yet identified the first case, but by reducing spread – scarce protective personal equipment will be preserved for those who need it most.,” Kelly said.

When questioned about the availability of supplies the state actually has for testing, Kelly said that the state has been living shipment-to-shipment as supplies come in.

“We get pretty low. I mean I think last weekend we were down to just about nothing and then fortunately a shipment came in, you know, I think we’re continuing to operate like that.”

This order supersedes county orders, however, when the state order expires, county orders will remain in effect until their expiration date. Sedgwick County’s stay at home order lasts until April 25. 

Exact details of the order will be provided later today. The executive order can be amended as the situation progresses, the governor said.

In terms of rescinding the order, the governor said she doesn’t know because she doesn’t have exact details yet.

“I think that these kinds of orders, across the country, will start to be rescinded when we, you know, when we’re sure that the spread … is decreasing, on a very consistent basis, and at what level would decrease that we would rescind this, I can’t tell you that now.”