Wichita State to receive $8.8 million through CARES Act


File Photo / Kylie Cameron

Tulips at the south entrance of Wichita State’s main campus.

After announcing hiring freezes and other cost-cutting measures, Wichita State will receive $8.8 million through the CARES Act.

The allocation is part of a more than $6 billion emergency grant for universities in the country to help with revenue shortfalls due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re incredibly appreciative to receive this critical financial assistance,” Wichita State President Jay Golden said in a release. “We are studying the guidelines now to discover how best to use these funds for the benefit of our students and university.”

Half of that money, $4.4 million, will be used as emergency aid for students.

The university has already spent about $2.7 million refunding students for housing/dining and parking.

According to a release sent out by the Department of Education, their department must receive a signed certification from the university stating that they will distribute funds in accordance with the law. The university can then decide which students will receive those grants.

WSUTech will receive $2,383,798 to also address their revenue shortfalls and financial aid for students.

Kansas universities will receive over $49 million through this grant, according to Kansas Senator Jerry Moran.

“Providing public universities flexibility to provide relief to students across the country is much-welcomed news as many students’ lives and jobs have been disrupted due to #COVID19,” Moran said in a tweet.