Students react to social distancing on Easter


Sophomore Arauna Anwar, along with her sister and mother, pose for a photo after attending Easter service at Central Community Church last year.

With the threat of COVID-19 spreading and the Easter holiday on Sunday, church services and family plans across the nation have been adjusted.

Wichita State student Melissa Rose, a junior studying English literature, said she has few plans for the holiday this year.

“I’m probably just going to call my family, say happy Easter, and watch more Netflix,” Rose said.

Rose’s immediate family lives in California and she is unable to visit them because of the virus. But that won’t keep her from checking in.

“My family is going to do a giant Zoom call on Sunday,” she said.

“If I was home, my parents might still hide some baskets around the house and then we would go to my grandma’s house, have a big dinner, and see family.”

California has a high rate of infection, but because her family has stayed home, they have all remained unaffected and healthy.

Arauna Anwar, a sophomore in WSU’s Athletic Training program, would normally gather and celebrate Easter with her entire family. 

“Usually for Easter, all my family gets together at my aunt’s house after church for lunch and an Easter egg hunt for the kids,” Anwar said.

But this year, they are forced to stay home.

“Due to social distancing, we’re all celebrating Easter separately, which just feels off, because ever since I was little, we have always celebrated holidays with extended family,” she said.

Some churches have implemented online services so that their worshippers can still have a Sunday service.

Life Church, Christ Church, NewSpring, Church of the Magdalen, Catholic Diocese, Aviator Church, St. Vincent DePaul, Central Christian, and many others in the Wichita Area are using a variety of broadcasting services to reach worshippers in the safety of their own homes.

Despite the sweeping cancellations, several area restaurants are open for takeout.

Carrabba’s, Two Brothers BBQ & Sport, Chicken N Pickle, Stroud’s, Bonefish Grill, Delano BBQ, Spear’s Restaurant & Pie Shop, and The Kitchen will all remain open in Wichita on Sunday.