WSU offers beer tasting class at south campus

Although college has been known to some as a home for liquor, beer and partying, a few Wichita State students have the opportunity to fuse learning and drinking — in class.

Sponsored by the Office of Continuing Education, WSU is offering a non-credit beer tasting class at the South Campus on Friday nights throughout March at a cost of $85 to adults 21 years of age or older.

After working in the beer industry for over 25 years, the class instructor, Rob Miller, hopes to help the students to further appreciate what they are drinking.

“When I drink a beer it is usually a good one,” Miller said in class Friday evening.

As part of the presentation, students will learn the history of beer, the process of production and how to appreciate different types of beer, such as IPAs, wheat beers and specialized lagers.

“This class will help you understand why you like [a certain beer] or not,” said Miller.

As part of the curriculum, students will learn about beer, but the class will also sample types kinds of beer — upon arrival to class, students are greeted with desk settings of charts describing beer, cups and crackers to cleanse their pallettes.

As part of the Office of Continuing Education’s non-credit class program, the beer tasting class joins a class schedule including a beginner’s digital photography class, container gardening class, French and grant writing for non-profits.

For questions regarding the beer tasting class or other non-credit class opportunities, contact the Office of Continuing Education at 978-3731 or [email protected].