University bookstore selling March Madness merchandise

March Madness is in full swing, and the bookstore has plenty of merchandise for eager fans wanting to spruce up their closets with new gear.

The WSU men’s basketball team is having yet another successful season. With the Shockers finally getting a shot at the Kansas Jayhawks, the team was able to prove its rise to prominence is not a fluke. And an additional deep run in the March Madness tournament is undoubtedly generating revenue for the university. 

Andrea Stipp, director of the University Bookstore, said she thinks the recent success of the basketball team is helping the store sell more Shocker gear than in recent history. Because of that, Stipp said the bookstore will continue to sell March Madness gear. 

“We are currently selling March Madness merchandise and will continue to do so as the Shockers advance in the NCAA tournament,” Stipp said. “We will not have any specials, though. We take pride in selling Shocker merchandise at the best possible price, and when compared to our local competition, [we are] often up to $5 less per shirt.”

Inside the bookstore, there are Shocker T-shirts of several colors, keychains and hats, among other things. The store is expected to order a select number of shirts in support of the team’s championship. Hats, shorts and stickers will be sold, too. As the Shockers continue to advance, be sure to expect more March Madness gear.