NCAA to make adjustments to NET for the upcoming season

The NCAA announced on Monday that starting with the 2020-21 basketball season, the NCAA Evaluation Tool (NET) will have some adjustments to the metric. Originally, NET was composed of five metrics but now it is being simplified down to two.

The remaining factors include the Team Value Index, which takes into consideration teams beating quality opponents, especially away from home and efficiency rating.  For the adjusted net efficiency, it is adjusted for the strength of opponent and location across the total games played.

NET will no longer be using the metrics of winning percentage, adjusted winning percentage and scoring margin. These metrics were all apart of the original NET.

“When we adopted the NET in 2018, we had reviewed several seasons worth of data and we insisted that we would continue to evaluate the metric,” said Dan Gavitt, the NCAA’s senior vice president of basketball. “We’ve been very satisfied with its performance thus far, but it became evident after two seasons of use that this change would be an improvement. While we will continue to monitor the metric, I don’t anticipate any additional adjustments for several years. We believe this change will result in more precision throughout the season and will be easier for our membership and the public to understand.

This past season, Wichita State debuted at No. 14 in the first of the rankings before finishing the season at No. 41. NET will still be configuring the games by the quadrant system for the upcoming season. In terms of the quadrant system, games are categorized in four quadrants with the impact of the win changing based on the location of the game.

Here are how the Quadrants are broken down according to the NCAA. Quadrant 1, Home 1-30, Neutral 1-50, Away 1-75; Quadrant 2, Home 31-75, Neutral 51-100, Away 76-135; Quadrant 3, Home 76-160, Neutral 101-200, Away 135-240; Quadrant 4, Home 161-353, Neutral 201-353, Away 241-353.

The first batch of NET rankings are expected to be released at some point during December with the rankings being updated daily.