Here’s what Golden’s transition out of presidency looks like


Austin Shaw

Wichita State’s 14th President Jay Golden talks about the future of the university.

Jay Golden resigned as president of Wichita State University on Friday, Sept. 25. His resignation was effective immediately.

Here’s what his transition out of presidency looks like, according to a letter sent by the Kansas Board of Regents to Golden on the day of his resignation.


Golden will continue to get paid his salary through June 2021, paid by private funds through the WSU Foundation. Golden has agreed to provide his consulting services to KBOR and the university for the remainder of fiscal year 2021.

He will also receive the same benefits he had as president through that time period, which include dental, retirement, and health benefits. 

Moving costs

The letter also offered Golden reimbursements for the “actual and reasonable costs” of his move out of campus, which include the move out of his presidential office and residence.

The letter stated that he had to be out by Oct. 4, nine days after his resignation. 

‘Limited presence’

According to the letter, Golden agreed to limit his presence on campus and not have any official contact with anyone affiliated to the university “in order to provide an interim or acting president with the space needed to assume leadership of Wichita State University.”

The only communication he is allowed to keep is communication related to consulting services he may provide to the interim or acting president.

The document provided no further details on the reason behind Golden’s resignation.