New student fees proposal includes three year staggered review cycle


Austin Shaw

(File photo, Mar. 20 SGA meeting)

A new student fees proposal includes a three year staggered review cycle, a dollar by dollar individual student breakdown, a process of reviewing increases of mandatory healthcare, and would disqualify most student organizations from receiving fees through the student fees process.

If passed, the proposals would be put in place next fiscal year.

The new Student Fees Task Force authored the proposals. The task force was created so to allow a space to hold conversations about every aspect of the student fees process. A listening session was held Thursday, Oct. 1 to hear feedback from receivers of student fees. 

The first proposal would adopt a three-year staggered review cycle, which would guarantee organizations their funding for three years instead of the current policy that allocates fees yearly. 

“The first year everyone comes and meets like usual, and after that we start the cycle of people [coming] to meet in three year staggered cycles,” SGA Treasurer Zachary James said. 

The proposal split different groups into year A, B, and C categories. 

“Year A would all come meet the first year, we will hear their budgets and discuss their budgets and determine their amount,” James said. “They will not come to see us for another three years and they will keep that same budget.”

If needed, there is a process set in place where groups can break out of their year cycle in the event where they are in need of a possible increase. 

The second proposal changes the overall allocation to a per-student breakdown so students can see exactly how much of their money is being spent on each group. 

“Students will be knowing exactly how much of their student fees dollars are going to each category,” Chair of the Maggi Hole said. “This adds a level of realness of what they will be paying. 

“So instead of us throwing around 25,000 dollar it’s ‘Oh, I will be paying a dollar out of my student fees.”

The second proposal also puts a process in place where the Student Fees Committee can review increases to mandatory healthcare, insurance, or other COI increases. 

The third proposal recommends adding language that would disqualify student organizations and clubs from receiving student fees through the student fees process, excluding the Student Government Association and The Sunflower. 

“All other student orgs are going to get funding from SGA’s budget,” James said. “The budget and finance committee will essentially set up the process of how we will get enough money for all the student organizations.”

Hole said one of the reasons that this proposal was written was to put all student organizations at the same level when it came to funding. 

“The reason why we did this is we want all student groups to be on the same level and have the same accessibility to money,” Hole said. 

The proposals will be sent to the student senate on Oct. 14 for a first read and Oct. 21 for a vote. It will have to be signed by Student Body President Rija Khan and Acting University President Rick Muma to pass.