Students can now run for spots in the Student Government Association


The 64th annual Student Government Association elections are quickly approaching, and students are now able to run for the open spots.

This semester, there are 65 seats up for election in the Legislative Branch. The president and vice president ticket is up as well. 

Formal declaration of candidacy opened on Jan. 20 and will close on Feb. 22. The Senatorial town halls will take place March 22-26 and the Presidential and Vice Presidential debate will follow close behind on April 1.  Voting will open on April 5 at 8 a.m.  and will close two days later at 5 p.m. 

At Wichita State, SGA plays a vital role for students to speak up about issues on campus, and the opportunity to take control of their own education. 

The election commission— run by students— is in charge of promoting the election, updating the student body about elections, giving candidates the information they need to know for running, and to make sure the election is fair.. Zoey Norton, a sophomore Anthropology and Spanish major, is the Deputy Elections Commissioner for Outreach. 

“I believe that SGA is an important part of Wichita State because it gives students the opportunity to have their voices heard by the school and provide their own input,” Norton said. “The Election Commission is able to facilitate that by informing students both of their rights to be heard by the school’s leadership and to allow them to take part in choosing who is to represent that voice.”

More information about the SGA elections can be found at