Strategic Communications releases new graphics for campus signage


Kaylee Stout / The Sunflower

One of the new signs in the Rhatigan Student Center.

All university buildings are being told to remove the old COVID-19 signage that enforces mask-wearing and social distancing guidelines and replace it with new signage that instead encourages COVID protocols. 

Earlier this month the university announced that it was dropping all COVID-19 safety mandates. However, signs that enforce mandates can still be found on campus. The Rhatigan Student Center just recently replaced their “Masks required for entry” signs with “Guests are encouraged to wear masks” signs. 

The new signs include sayings like “Wear a mask”, “Wash your hands” and “Social distance” while avoiding wording that makes those practices mandatory. 

“In addition to the updated signage, we continue to strongly encourage our entire campus community to wear a mask, continue to social distance whenever possible, and get a COVID vaccines,” the statement released this morning said.

Students, faculty and staff can now receive both their first and second doses of the vaccine at Student Health Services.