REVIEW: Alec Benjamin encapsulates writing style in latest album

After months of anticipation, singer and songwriter Alec Benjamin released the third single in his album “(UN)COMMENTARY” coming out April 15.

The newest song “Shadow of Mine” perfectly encapsulates Benjamin’s writing style of the childhood myths, tales and stories that now have different meanings as we age into adulthood.

The song talks about moving away, leaving your old life and friends to start again, but still being unable to leave the “shadow” of what was.

His songs can be described as stories that young adults can relate to as they transition from the world of high school to adulthood. 

This song was released with two others, “Older” and “The Way You Felt.” The first follows along with Benjamin’s storytelling format of growing up and the feeling of not being prepared for the future. He explains that his childhood is over as he and his friends move away and start the new chapter of their lives. 

“The Way You Felt,” doesn’t really fit his storytelling format. It is more of a breakup song, only there was no relationship. The song goes on to explain that the girl led him to believe that there was a possibility of a relationship in the future but then left him with no explanation. 

Though the song lyrics don’t fit his usual style, the music and beat of the song are clearly recognizable as Benjamin. They fit the upbeat indie, folk-pop style of music that he produces. It is so far my favorite from the album, as “Older” feels too depressing and “Shadow of Mine” can become repetitive.