Social media draft open for feedback

The workgroup appointed by the Kansas Board of Regents to review the board’s recent social media policy is asking for feedback from the Wichita State community.

The workgroup drafted recommendations to the current policy. The draft protects social media used for academic policies and debates. Under the draft, improper use of social media does not include “statements, debate, or expressions made as part of shared governance at a university”

The original policy includes social media that “is contrary to the best interest of the university” and “has a detrimental impact on close working relationships.”

“Right now it’s written very broadly, very generally,” said Richard Muma, PhD, associated vice president for Academic Affairs.  “It appears that almost anything could be considered a problem.” Muma was appointed to represent Wichita State in the workgroup, along with Faculty Senate President Victoria Mosack, PhD.

Muma said the draft is less reactive and more proactive than the current policy, and more clearly identifies problematic issues.

“Some of the faculty senate presidents have been concerned that the language infringes upon academic freedoms for faculty and First Amendment rights for faculty,” Mosack said.

The Faculty Senate had pushed for a suspension of the social media policy earlier in the semester. It unanimously endorsed a resolution that claims the policy “continues to pose a significant threat to the public higher education system in Kansas” and asked that the policy be suspended until the workgroup could make a recommendation. The board did not follow the proclamation’s requests.

The social media policy was passed in December without faculty representation.

To view the draft and give feedback, search for “social media” on, or visiting Feedback can be submitted through March 28, and can be mailed anonymously to Mosack at Campus Box 41 or Muma at Campus Box 13.