REVIEW: Moon Knight has potential to be the first good Marvel show from Disney+

The end of March marked the beginning of an adventure for Marvel fans, as the first Moon Knight episode aired on Disney+ on March 30. 

The series follows the Marvel comic book character Moon Knight, also known as Marc Spector, played by Oscar Issac. But we’re introduced to him as Steven Grant, a worker at the local Egyptian museum who battles with what he thinks is severe sleepwalking.  

Near the end of the first episode, we are introduced to Spector, who is the host of the body. We then learn that Spector has Dissociative Identity Disorder. While Grant is a happy-go-lucky British museum clerk, spending his days at the museum and feeding his mother’s goldfish. Spector is a Jewish-American mercenary. The two personalities could not be farther from alike. 

Spector is what Issac described in previous interviews as the jerk, he is the un-feeling mercenary that gets the job done. Grant simply wants to be a normal dude. He wants to feed his goldfish and give tours around the museum. While we haven’t spent much time with the characters, the show paints a clear picture of the distinction between the two. 

Grant learns of his other personality and the other life Spector lives. Viewers watch not only a literal battle between Moon Knight and his enemies but also the mental battle of one living with DID. 

The Moon Knight is Spector’s hero name when he becomes the avatar for the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, while Mr. Knight is Grant’s hero name. The two heroes are much like the two personalities, from tactic to wardrobe. 

While the show only has a few episodes out, it has the potential to be the first good Marvel series that Disney+ has aired. Loki, WandaVison and Hawkeye all have seemed to lack the impact and feel of a good Marvel series. Though I think those particular ones had the disadvantage of using already known and beloved characters. 

The biggest advantage that Moon Knight has right now is that the character is new, we haven’t seen him in a previous Marvel movie. He has a wow factor. And for many who have read the comic books, he is a new character brought to life on the screen. 

So far, the first few episodes have been great and everything one would expect from a Marvel series. Issac and the rest of the cast are perfect for their roles, and the story offers a lot to viewers. I look forward to the release of the rest of the season and hope Disney continues to do the character justice.