Soulmate in a Minute


Two potential matches get to know each other during the “Soulmate in a minute” speed dating event inside the RSC Friday evening. The event was held by the International Student Union and the two winning matches received a free dinner.

Daters! Start talking really fast!

The International Student Union (ISU) is hosting a speed-dating event called “Soulmate in a Minute” on Valentine’s Day from 5-7 p.m. in the Rhatigan Student Center north dining area.

Junior Yasas Vithanage, director of events for the ISU, broke down how the event will play out.

“You’ll get four minutes to talk to each person about a variety of topics, and at the end of the event, each contestant will write down their top three ‘likes.’ If your likes coincide with another contestant’s, we call that a match,” Vinthanage said.

 If two students are matched up and decide that they would like to go on a date with one another, the ISU will provide the couple with a free dinner for two.

The event was originally intended to expose international students to an American form of dating and to highlight how different cultures approach relationships.

“Most international students have no clue what speed dating is,” WSU senior and ISU president Don Wijesekara said. “It’s something new for them, because in many of their cultures, speed dating and online dating is never done.”

Wijesekara said he wanted to educate international students about the speed dating aspect of Western culture.

Wijesekara and Vinthanage are natives of Sri Lanka, and Vinthanage highlighted some differences between how dating is done in the States and in their home country.

“Dating back home is more of a closed situation,” he said. “Here, you are more open about your relationship, more active — you don’t really need the consent of the parents. Here, the concept of dating really is as free as America is.”

Vinthanage said that although the event was originally geared toward international students, all WSU students are welcome to attend.

“Love is a multi-cultural thing,” he said.

The entrance fee is $5. The ISU is limiting registration to two men from each country to register. However, as many women can register and participate, ISU president Don Wijesekara said. To register, visit