Student fees process to begin

Staff reporter

In each tuition bill there is a conspicuous yet vague item called “Student fees” that costs students hundreds of dollars each semester.

“Student fees” is the money students are charged when they sign up for classes. 

For every credit hour they take, they are charged a fee.

WSU’s current rate is $37.55 per credit hour. If you enroll for 12 credit hours, you will pay $450 in student fees.

WSU is a non-profit public institution. The fee goes back to the university and eventually, to students through programs on campus.

Student fees generate millions of dollars that fund WSU organizations, buildings and student activities.

It funds large items such as athletics, the Rhatigan Student Center and even part of the Sunflower.

It also supports Student Involvement, Campus Recreation and the Student Government Association.

But before the money is distributed to these organizations, buildings and students, it goes through an approval process.

Students elected to the Student Government Association help manage the process and distribution of the more than $10 million generated from Student fees.

Beginning this Thursday and Friday from 1-5 p.m. in Room 265 in the RSC, the student fees committee starts the month-long process of reviewing funding requests and distributing student fees. 

SGA representatives along with administrators from around campus read through each request, make adjustments and recommendations as needed, and then submit their recommendations to the SGA Senate to be voted on, approved or rejected.

They will also recommend if student fees and, therefore tuition need to be adjusted for the next fiscal year.

The meetings are open to the public, and SGA Treasurer Matt Conklin encourages those who are interested to attend.

The Sunflower will be covering the Student fees process in-depth over the next couple weeks.

If students have questions or want to know more about student fees, feel free to contact Sunflower reporter Cole Yancey by email — [email protected], by Twitter — @CAYancey21 or by telephone — 913-271-5473.

Students can also stop by the SGA office in Room 261, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday in the RSC.