Local event production company mixes basketball and innovation


Nithin Reddy Nagapur

YouTube street baller ‘One Foot God’ from Team Garland, jumps over a group of kids on his final dunk. He won the dunk contest by two points on Aug. 13 in Charles Koch Arena.

Festive ICT brought in basketball YouTubers from all over the country as well as local street ballers to Charles Koch Arena. 

On Saturday, Festive ICT put on an event called Festive Hoop Jam.There was a meet and greet for fans to meet their favorite basketball and streetball YouTubers, a slam dunk contest and a 5v5 scrimmage.

Derome Washington, Nanna Okpara and Kemm Amekporfor are the partners and owners of  Festive ICT who hosted the event. Festive ICT is a local event production company that was established to create joyful experiences in the local community. 

“We wanted something exciting and different than a regular Shocker game and maybe get people as close as we can to an NBA game,” Okpara said. 

Washington said that he, Okpara and Amekporfor wanted to bring the YouTubers to Wichita to inspire kids in the community. 

“Kansas is basketball,” Washington said. “This event was run for the kids. To bring kids in to open up other markets they didn’t have available before, since YouTube is now a platform for kids.” 

The event featured several local Wichita basketball players and coaches. 

 Hannah Mortimer is a former Wichita State women’s basketball player and former Harlem Globetrotter. Mortimer was asked to take part in Festive Hoop Jam and wanted to participate being a local Wichitan herself. 

In the slam dunk contest there were two participants, Sir Isaac from Team Dixon and One Foot God from Team Garland. Four celebrity judges gave their thoughts on each dunk by rating it with a score ranging from 1-10. One Foot God won the contest by scoring the most points, only winning by two. 

Both athletes performed high-flying dunks. Children in attendance at the event helped perform different dunks for the players. They held the ball for the athletes and stood as an obstacle for the athletes to jump over.

The 5v5 scrimmage was an offensive showcase for the Harlem Globetrotter style street ballers to play the way they wanted to. Sir Isaac from Team Dixon and One Foot God from Team Garland both scored countless ally oops and slam dunks during the scrimmage. 

Team Dixon’s White Iverson scored several threes but Team Garland’s Konfuzion Hoops had the answer by dribbling to the basket and shooting from the three point line. The score towards the end of the game was dangerously close with Team Garland only up by a few points. 

Jaylin Williams from Team Dixon played strong defensively. He was tasked with the job to try and stop Team Garland’s Hezigod, who was later announced MVP of the game. Williams is a local coach in Wichita. 

Team Garland won the scrimmage by scoring a total of 129 points. Team Dixon fell three points shy with 126 points.