College of Engineering crowned the winners of Clash of the Colleges


Thy Vo

Junior Takomborerwa Nyapadi celebrates after the College of Engineering was announced as the winner of the 2022 Clash of the Colleges.

The College of Engineering reigned supreme in this year’s Clash of the Colleges on Friday. The College of Engineering was last victorious in 2020, with the College of Fine Arts taking home the gold in 2021. 

The games started at 4:30 p.m., with each college holding a pre-party beforehand. The games ranged from conventional to obscure, covering tug of war to extreme rock, paper, scissors. Each game allowed 20 students from each college. 

“I get to be here with some fellow engineers and do what I love, which is engineering, but I do what I love most, which is [to] connect with some other people,” freshman Julian Vasquez from the College of Engineering said. 

While Clash of the Colleges is a great way for students to drum up school spirit and get involved, the event also serves as an opportunity for like-minded students to mingle. 

“I’m feeling great,” Vasquez said. “I’m most excited about just getting to be here.”