Pee for Pizza returns to promote student health

As part of a continuous effort to promote student health on campus, Student Health Services (SHS) and Wichita’s Positive Directions brought back Pee for Pizza, an event that offers free testing for five different STIs.

Students had the opportunity on Sept. 7 to submit blood and/or urine samples for free testing results and a free Shocker Grill and Lanes mini-pizza.

Pee for Pizza was established at Wichita State in 2017 to combat the continuously rising STI and STD (sexually transmitted disease) rates and decrease social stigma concerning sex and sexual health and safety. Positive Direction staff can test students for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis C and HIV. 

The 15 minute, schedule-ahead-of-time process can save students about $220 more than if they were to get tested elsewhere. Director of SHS Heather Stafford hopes Pee for Pizza will destigmatize sex education and encourage students to stay up to date on their sexual health.

“It’s hard to get people in to do that testing. They’re embarrassed or not comfortable with it,” Stafford said. “And this is a good way to say ‘Hey, get some free food, some free services, take advantage of this.’”

Positive Direction Executive Director Brett Hogan was just one of the Positive Direction team members who spent the day collecting samples. Positive Directions is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing locals with resources relating to sexual activity. 

Along with free STI and STD testing, Positive Directions can provide free access to safe sex tools (condoms, dental dams, etc.) and various other services.

“Knowing your status on any STI is 100% important,” Hogan said. “It’s important to maintain that (basic healthcare) in the college age, because that’s where a lot of experimentation occurs.”

An estimated 40-50 students participate in Pee for Pizza every month, with the exception of the break from April to early September. 

Students who missed Pee for Pizza in September can participate on the first Wednesday and third Thursday of every month in the Steve Clark YMCA and Student Wellness Center. 

Checking your eyes, ears, nose and throat is just as important as checking for STIs,” Stafford said. “Sexual health and sexual safety is always in everyone’s best interest.”