Connected: Transfer Social brings transfer students together 


Jacinda Hall

Michelle Rivera, senior, and Micaia Palacios, exchange student, play a game of BINGO at the Transfer Social on Sept. 19.

Transferring to a new school can be stressful and difficult, especially when it comes to making new friends. Student Engagement, Advocacy and Leadership (SEAL) brought transfer students together to seal their place at WSU. 

On Monday, SEAL held the Transfer Social for transfer students, including those that transferred from a community college or from another university. 

“(The Transfer Social) is just to really connect with (transfer students) and make sure that they have a place here on Wichita State’s campus,” Caitlin Nolen, Student Advocacy Coordinator, said.  

According to Nolen, WSU has about 1,200 transfer students per semester, making it one of the largest transfer schools in the country. 

Nicholas Searmozzi, sophomore, transferred to WSU from Butler County Community College and said that WSU has given him room to grow. 

“There’s a lot more people,” Searmozzi said. “So there’s a lot more opportunities to make friends and do a lot more things that I missed the opportunity to do when I was at Butler.”

Janice Ocampos, a freshman from Paraguay, said that Wichita State is different from her college back home. 

“The university is real different,” Ocampos said. “The way the teachers teach, they’re very different and, of course, we don’t live at the university in my country too, so it’s very different.”

Katelyn Siegle, a junior transfer from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, also said that WSU is different from home.

“I really enjoy the atmosphere,” Siegle said. “Everybody’s pretty friendly, and it’s easy to join things on this campus.”