Young voter registration on the rise in Kansas

In previous elections, young voters have made up a small percentage of voter turnout. Organizations like Rock the Vote are aiming to change that narrative.

During a meeting hosted by Rock the Vote on Nov. 2, panelists from different organizations discussed the importance of young voting. Clarissa Unger, co-founder and executive director of Students Learn Students Vote Coalition, provided resources for student voters to utilize in the meeting.

“Through the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition, what we are doing is trying to work towards a world in which every college student has easy and equal access to the voting process,” Unger said.

In the 18-19 age group, Kansas voter registration saw an increase of 42% since the 2018 election. Young voter registration saw a spike for the Aug. primary, a ballot containing abortion-related amendments.

With the state’s young voter population at 17%, the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning & Engagement’s (CIRCLE) research suggests that Kansas’ younger voters may have a big impact on the already close governor’s race.

“We need to push back on this myth that young people don’t influence elections,” Abby Kiesa, deputy director of CIRCLE said. “We know that young people matter to elections.”

Out of 11,368 WSU students eligible to vote, 7,746 cast a ballot in 2020, 68% of the student population. This is 24% higher than the number of student voters in 2018.

At Wichita State, the Shockers Vote! Coalition is working towards increased voter registration and turnout on campus. Engagement opportunities for first-time voters are one of their main priorities. Their goal for the 2022 election is to increase both voter registrations and participation by 10%. 

One of their strategies to raise voting morale is to reach out to student organizations to urge them to attend or host election events. They are also providing individual departments with voter information for students.

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