Mens and womens basketball players represent academic colleges on their jerseys


Mia Hennen / The Sunflower

Sophomore guard Shammah Scott dribbles down the court during the game against the Tarleton State Texans on Nov. 26. The Shockers won, 83-71. On the left top corner of Scott’s jersey is an acadmeic patch that represents the academic college his major is in.

Fans of the men’s and women’s basketball team may have noticed something new on the players jerseys this season. 

On the top corner of their jersey is a patch that represents the academic college they are in at Wichita State. Director of Athletics Kevin Saal and his staff got the patch on the jersey approved by the NCAA. 

Saal said the idea of the patch was to show fans, student athletes and university staff that academics is a vital component to the Shockers success on the court and to build a bridge between academics and athletics. 

“Athletics institutions are the extension of the institution,” Saal said. “We want to be leaders in that area.” 

Saal said the symbols for each academic college on the patches have been around for a while according to the Provost office. He said they even used to be on coins a while ago. 

Saal said head women’s coach Keitha Adams and head men’s coach Isaac Brown approve of the patches on the jerseys. 

“Both of those coaches understand and are very supportive,” Saal said.  

The idea was to start putting patches on the basketball players jerseys first. Next, Saal said that the goal is to start with the softball and baseball programs. He said the symbols for the academic colleges may go on their helmets. 

The Southeastern Conference puts a uniform patch on players jersey’s who have earned their undergraduate degree.