Junior point guard’s fast transition play helps women earn fifth win in a row


Rachel Rudisill / The Sunflower

Junior point guard DJ McCarty drives down the court to put up a jump shot for the Shockers. With 19 points scored McCarty led the team, in points, against Denver on Nov. 30 at Charles Koch Arena.

Junior point guard DJ McCarty has led her team in scoring several times this season. The women’s basketball team’s 61-54 win against Denver on Wednesday was no different, as McCarty led with 19 points. She was 8-8 from the field and 1-1 from the 3-point line. 

McCarty said being a solid transition player into the Shockers offense is a big part of her game. She said working on transition in practice so she’s consistent in games has been helpful.

“I know transition is a really big part of our game so whenever I have a chance to either get to the basket or find my teammates in transition that’s what I’m trying to do so just making sure I’m doing the same thing in practice and being consistent with that,” McCarty said. 

Head coach Keitha Adams said that McCarty was good in transition tonight against Denver because she was in control of her body and played confidently.  

“When she starts getting on the floor and lunging and her game is different when that happens and so I think she’s getting better with that,” Adams said. 

Senior forward Trajata Colbert has played with McCarty for several seasons. She said McCarty has grown into a leader that the Shockers need to win games. 

“I feel like she gets us in our plays well and she’s a good scoring guard for us,” Colbert said. 

Adams said since playing a fast transition offense expends a lot of energy, managing McCarty’s minutes during the game has also helped her succeed this season. 

“We are giving her some rest so when she comes back she can keep playing that transition  and that pace of a style play and if you don’t get that rest and you get tired then that’s when some other things can go south a little bit,” Adams said. 

McCarty said her team is showing signs of a strong offense when they all play as a unit. 

“Like we have a lot of really good pieces but when we all come together I don’t think there is anybody in conference or out of conference that is going to stay in front of us and guard us,” McCarty said. 

The Shockers are now 6-1 after their win against Denver. Their only loss comes down to one possession in overtime against Omaha on Nov. 12. They will play New Orleans at home on Dec. 3 at 2 p.m.