Melvion Flanagan’s energy helps men’s basketball secure a win


Rachel Rudisill / The Sunflower

Sophomore guard Melvion Flanagan runs back to play defense against Longwood. Flanagan scored a career-high 14 points.

Sophomore guard Melvion Flanagan is a walk-on from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. As a sophomore, he ranked twenty first on the NJCAA national scoring list. 

Flanagan was averaging 3.0 minutes per game and 2.0 points a game until this afternoon at Charles Koch Arena. The Shockers beat Longwood 81-63. Flanagan scored 14 points.

He got a few offers after playing juco but ultimately decided to walk-on to Wichita State.

“That’s something that’s just like a word to me,” Flanagan said. “The walk on is cool but I mean it’s me.”

He came into Saturday’s game in the middle of the first half. The Shockers were down 12-5 and Head coach Isaac Brown said he put Flanagan in to help pick up the energy on defense and knock down shots.

“We were struggling,” Brown said. “We were a little sluggish, and I just felt it was time to give him an opportunity and he took full advantage of it.”

Flanagan said he felt like he should be ready to play in the Longwood game this week. He said what’s helped him stay patient while waiting for an opportunity to play was cheering on his teammates.

“When it’s my time, it’s my time,” Flanagan said.” I mean be that workhorse.”

In addition to Flanagan, transfers, junior guard  Jaykwon Walton and sophomore guard Jaron Pierre Jr. scored in double figures against Longwood.

Senior point guard Craig Porter Jr. said he felt like the Longwood game finally gave fans the chance to see what the new transfer players are capable of on the court.

“These are the players we are going to live and die by,” Porter said.