Shocker Support Locker workers develop 28 recipes through online recipe book


Screenshot courtesy of SSL

The “front cover” of the Shocker Support Locker’s new recipe book, created by two student workers.

With a little help from the internet, TikTok and Canva, Emma Gloverand and Bethany Hollingsworth created a free, online recipe book holding 28 recipes with ingredients usually stocked in the Shocker Support Locker — an on-campus pantry for students, faculty and staff. 

Glover, a math education major, and Hollingsworth, a social work major, started creating the book last December with the intention of helping students cook nutritious meals. 

“We were wanting to kind of make something that kids could look at and use food that they get here to make actual meals because a lot of the stuff we have is like, items you could put into a meal, but if you don’t really know how to do that, it’s kind of you’re like, ‘what do we do with this?’” Glover said. “Like, a can of peas is great, but you can’t just eat peas for your whole meal.” 

The recipes are divided into sections: Stovetop meals, oven meals, Crockpot meals, microwave meals and no-cook meals.  

With students living all over — from dorms to off-campus housing — Glover said they organized the book into sections based on the kitchen equipment needed to cook the recipe.

Recipes vary from a stove-top cooked “creamy gnocchi” to a microwave cooked, “omelet in a mug.”

“There’s a lot of people … that have a lot of different backgrounds who may not know how to cook the food that we have, or they’ve never cooked with these kinds of ingredients,” Hollingsworth said.

Glover said it’s common for students to come in and grab flavored drinks or snacks, but it’s good for them to branch out as well.

“I just hope that students can kind of see that they can use the resources they have to make healthy and full meals for themselves,” Glover said. 

Hollingsworth said the recipe book is a great way to increase accessibility and address food security on campus. 

“There’s this whole stereotype of poor college students eating ramen noodles all the time,” Hollingsworth said. “And I think just being able to show students: no, you can have a nutritious affordable meal that isn’t too intimidating to take upon because I think a lot of people are intimidated by cooking.”

The recipe book can be found here.The Shocker Support Locker is located on the first floor of Grace Wilkie Hall Room 103. The locker is open Monday-Friday from 12-3 p.m. To find more information about the pantry, visit