Men’s locker room gets updated look from donation


The new locker rooms were provided by an anonymous donation. They feature better lockers, iPad docks and will have a trophy case as well.

The locker room for the WSU men’s basketball team is on it’s way to become more than a place for the team to store its sweaty gym socks in old lockers thanks to an anonymous donation of $250,000.

This money will help pay for the long overdue locker room renovation.

The locker rooms have not been upgraded in more than a decade, when Henry Levitt Arena was being renovated to become Charles Koch Arena, and will become the next part of the WSU campus that is getting a fresh coat of paint. It is scheduled for completion by the end of the summer.

“Coming on the heels of our Final Four appearance, I think this is perfect timing,” said Jesse Lee-Brockhoff, a manager for the men’s basketball team. “It’ll give us some flair we were missing and help with the recruits.”

The new locker room will boast the team’s Final Four appearance and will have a trophy case displaying the Regional Championship Trophy the Shockers brought home last season.

Other changes include new lockers, iPad docks, and other more modern aesthetics for the room.

“Having a new locker room will be nice for us as players,” said Ron Baker, a red-shirt sophomore guard. “It’ll be awesome to have a place before and after practice where we can study film and just be ourselves.”

Evan Wessel, another returning guard, agreed with Baker.

“Having something new is always a good thing when it comes to bringing in new guys every year. It is something we will have that not many other schools do,” he said.

These improvements are making it clear that the school and city support the Shocker basketball team and hope to help the program build on their success from last season.