Can we finally stop talking about Lebron James?

The self-appointed “King,” LeBron James, has finally won his NBA title. I agree with James’ exact words when he explained how he feels about finally winning a ring: “about damn time.”

It is about time James won a ring. I’m no fan of his and never will be. I didn’t like the way he came into the league. I didn’t like how he thought he was better than Michael Jordan. I grew up on Jordan and I truly believe there will never be anyone better in my lifetime.

I didn’t like how he left the city of Cleveland and his home state of Ohio. The way he left was terrible and I got over that. It was just the fact that he left. I love seeing a player be loyal throughout his career. Jordan won his six rings the right way. He stayed in Chicago and the franchise built around the greatest player of all time. He didn’t take a shortcut to get his ring; he did it the right way.

My favorite part of this NBA season was the Oklahoma City players’ introduction. One of the first things on the screen at the Chesapeake Energy Arena is wording that says, “there are no shortcuts.” I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically at the irony.

The way I look at it, James took a shortcut to get his ring by teaming up with two different All-Stars. He didn’t do it the right way, and I can’t respect his decision to abandon his home state that gave him so much.

But it is about time that James won a ring. I was tired of all the ring-less king jokes. I was tired of Skip Bayless bashing James for not winning the big one. The way I look at it he is by far the greatest athlete on the planet right now. He needed to get a ring to finally shut some people up.

I don’t let my dislike of him take away from the fact that he is the greatest player every time he steps on the court. The man can do anything he wants on the court at will. I’m hoping the fact that he finally won a ring will make the haters back off and realize that we are lucky to be watching such amazing things happen on the court.

Of course we’ll still hear people complaining about him next season. They’ll say the Thunder just quit in the last three games. They’ll say he needs to win more than one. My advice to everyone regardless of his or her feelings about James is just to sit back and enjoy the show. We’re lucky to see a player like him in our lifetime and should just enjoy the beauty of what he is able to do on a basketball court.