CSL and SAC merger underway

With Rhatigan Student Center construction under way, administrators and students have begun moving to their temporary offices during the first phase of the renovation.

Two offices that will not only be moving but merging are the Activities Office and the Center for Student Leadership. They will move to the ballroom located on the third floor of the RSC.

Many are under the misconception that the merge is between the Student Activities Center and CSL when it is not, said Director of Activities Nancy Loosle.

Loosle also said that three new staff members got hired, too.

The new Coordinator of Leadership and Service Learning is Nick Messing, the new Coordinator of Student Organizations and Civic Engagement is Lyston Skerritt and Gina Stewart is the new Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

Many organizations are under the Activities Office responsibilities with one of them being SAC.

“Overall, we view it (the merge) as a positive thing,” said SAC President Tessa Cattermole. “Over time it should be beneficial.”

With new staff coming in to fill positions like Skerritt, Cattermole said that students will be getting more attention rather than less because of the merge.

“With the new staff coming in to the Student Involvement Office our students will actually have more access to a greater variety of stuff,” Cattermole said.

The construction is creating problems for SAC. The last meeting was held in the Campus Activities Center Theatre.

“They (students) might see some new events just because we are working with new people and new locations,” Cattermole said. “We are having to come up with new ideas so I think students will see more variety with our events.”